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The best of Hexagon CD 1955-2012 includes an audio recording of the most popular Hexagon Show numbers from the past 58 years. For those of you who attended the shows throughout the years, this will bring back fond memories of the shows that you loved. For those new to Hexagon, you'll be able to enjoy some of the best songs from the past for the first time.


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If you would like to send a check to purchase the CD by mail, please make it payable to Friends of Hexagon. Include a note indicating the quantity desired and "Best of Hexagon CD", your name, your phone number, and your desired shipping address. The cost is $10/CD plus $3 per order for domestic shipping. Mail to:

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NoSong TitleYearShowAuthorStarringSynopsis1 Party Ties and Platform Heels1988Party Ties and Platform HeelsLyrics and Music: Doug MaurerThe cast of Party Ties and Platform HeelsOpening Number2Memoirs1983Fair GameLyrics and Music: Chris BrewsterChris Brewster, Neil McElroy, Jerry Shean, Don WilliamsHistory views former presidents more favorably when they write their own memoirs3Blah, Blah, Blah 1984Capital FolliesLyrics: Susan Trausch
Music: Lanny Davis
Neil McElroy, Michael Bruno, Jennifer Strand, Ellen Kaplan, Doug Smith)News personalities give their penetrating analysis on the issues of the day
4 Newsbreak5Shirley Highway1992Capitol OffensesLyrics and Music: Doug Maurer The cast of Capitol Offenses(s)The hustle and bustle of life on Shirley Highway6Friendship Heights2007You Only Run TwiceLyrics: Claudia Zorn and Darrell Capwell
Music: Walt Gilbert
Ellen Kaplan, Susan Dye, Linda Wilson, Kathy SuydamLamenting the yuppy-fication of Friendship Heights
7Under the Sign of People's Drug1967Equal TimeLyrics and Music: Jerome "Jerry" BreslowRobin DeckA woman waits for her lover under the sign of People's Drug8DC Taxpayer1995Faze the NationWritten by: Eileen Joyner, Terry Lewis and Nick ZillSkip Maraney, Ruth Palmieri, Charlie Bien, Gregg WigginsBurden of being the last taxpayer in DC9Sic Transit1995Faze the NationLyrics and Music: Jim McKnightThe cast of Faze the NationThe choir sings about the morning traffic report10DNA2000Hexagon 2000Lyrics and Music: Meg RobinsonSusan Dye, Linda Wilson, Kathy Suydam, Mary Jean BrunoLove in the age of genetic engineering11Moon Over the Beltway1976Barbs and Snipes ForeverLyrics: Dorothy Glassman
Music: Doug Maurer
Juliann Martinez, Michael Hoobchaak, Peter Haugen, Ed Lynch, Bill Draper, Don Hanback, Stephen CollinsA woman sings about losing her lover on the beltway
12Real America2012 I Get No Kick From CampaignLyrics and Music: Roy ZimmermanThe cast of I Get No Kick From CampaignA tongue-in-cheek idealistic view of America13Hard Time to Be a Man1994Sarcastic ParkLyrics and Music: Roy Zimmerman Bill Seeley, Lloyd Bowling, Neil McElroyBeing a man in the time of political correctness14 Big Hair1988Of Thee We ZingLyrics and Music: Joan CushingKathy Suydam, Jennifer Strand, Jerry Jackson, Ian GrossmanWhat do all of Bill Clinton's women have in common?15 L'Enfant TerribleWritten by: Jim McKnightJoe Kaplan, Jennifer Dean, Michael BrunoPierre L'Enfant lays out the design for the city of Washington16Good Bye, Good Bye2001A Stateless Odd DCLyrics: Carol Haney and Doug Maurer
Music: Doug Maurer
The cast of A Stateless Odd DC

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